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In the event of an injury on court, please fetch the first aider from the medical room (referees changing room). There are certain injuries that I as the TD will need to be made aware of to report back to the UKU & insurance companies, so you must report the injury to the TD's desk if it falls under any of the following:

-  Someone is advised to go to hospital
-  Head injury
-  Dislocations and/or broken bones (excluding fingers)
-  A spectator – not playing at the tournament – is involved in an incident
-  There is a sense that the “injured” party feels someone else is “at fault”

If you see the sports therapist they will complete a log on this basis as well.

Maps to the hospitals are available from the TD's desk.

The nearest Minor Injuries Unit is 5 mins away at the

Barking Community Hospital, 
Upney Lane, 
IG11 9LX  


This for any scrapes, bumps, bruises or x-rays of limbs (not back, neck or head) but they can assess you quickly at least.
The nearest A&E department is 10 mins away at the 

King George Hospital, 
Barley Lane, 

This is for any more serious injuries, eg: obvious breaks, back, neck or head injuries, waiting times might be longer than MIU.