Cost:  £80 per team          

Capacity:  48 teams, 3 divisions

Teams:  A list of entered teams can be found here

Registration is now closed!


  • At least 6 x 19 minute games, hopefully more!
  • up to 3 Divisions (Open, Women's, Mixed)
  • 4/5 pitches, fully sprung synthetic Olympic floor
    (used for Judo, Handball, Futsal, more details here)
  • Pitch Size 32m x 16m + 2.5m run off minimum.
  • Volunteer game scorers
  • Space for warming up & post-game chats
  • Live scoring on the website
  • Photographers
  • Free Wifi
  • Free Sauna
  • Lookfly Spirit of the Game Award
  • Online SOTG score submission
  • Improved food selection
  • Free Physio support for injuries, massages & advice
  • Lookfly will be announcing more prizes soon!
Payment Details: 
Can be found in the registration form when you select your payment method and if you forget they are all here.
Your place is only confirmed once payment has been received. If you have to drop out then payment will only be refunded if you find a team to take your spot. Please contact me ASAP if you have any problems.
To see a list of entered teams please go to the Seeding page. If you believe you should have a higher / lower seeding please let me know ASAP!
Start Times, Seedings & Schedule:

The earliest start time will be 9am.
The latest finish time will be 7:30pm.

We will be in touch once all the teams have entered to see what format you prefer (spread throughout the day / separate sessions per division / something new!)

Teams are seeded based on their recent tournament results + feedback from all the teams in their division.

There is a Restaurant & Bar on the viewing gallery. They will be serving more variety and have more stock of food than @ Regionals (following feedback from you). But then you also all enjoyed the food and thought it was good value, you just didn't want them to run out! Email me any menu requests you have and we'll try to accommodate you! Menu details updated here.

To complete at the tournament, players need to have at least BASIC membership with the UKU. You can buy / check your membership status on the UKU website. You will also be able to register on the day of the tournament. As usual, we will do a random check of a couple of teams, as required by the UKU. This membership enables you to play in all official UKU regionals events (Indoor & Outdoor Regionals, Winter & Summer Leagues). It provides you and the TD with insurance to cover the events.


Cat, the creative half of this team, will be adding her little twist to the prizes again, so be prepared for some beautiful trophies to decorate your mantelpieces with!

We are also looking into getting some of the prizes sponsored so we can give away some goodies. We've had Discs, Medals, Kit, Gear, Big discounts on team kit on offer in the past, so I'll see what I can rustle up!