Breakfast & Lunch

Suggested Menu, TBC with the caterers. Final menu and prices will be posted here before the day:

Breakfast Food
- Breakfast Baps
- Cereal selection
- Bread & spreads / fillings (toast?)
- Juices
- Fruit

Day time food
- Fruit
- Drinks (cans, bottles, energy drinks)
- Snacks (chocolates, crisps, etc)
- Sandwiches
- Chips
- Bacon Sandwiches
- Burgers
- Pizza slices
- Snack sized pasta pots (hot or cold):
Mushroom chicken
Tomato & basil
Tuna & sweetcorn
- Hot snack lunches
Jacket potato
Toasted sandwiches
- Desert options, such as cakes, custard, etc ...

Hot Drinks
- Tea
- Coffee
- Hot Chocolate

Dinner Options

There are very few dinner options within walking distance so I suggest you book ASAP!

Local Pub =

Local Indian =

Local Fish & Chips =

Local Gastro Pub =

Otherwise I suggest looking further afield in Harpenden & St Albans