general Information

Draft Schedule released by UK Ultimate

Venue Map updated with field numbers, toilets, parking location changes.


Report to the Tournament HQ (pavillion by the main car park) to pick up your team disc.


The spirit link will be posted on the schedule page and emailed out when ready. Teams should submit scores after every game. Any teams not entering their SOTG scores by the end of the final game will be ineligible to win the SOTG prize.

SOTG Submission Link

Make sure that you enter your spirit scores before midnight on Sunday 21st July, otherwise your submissions will not be counted.
NB: All spirit score submissions will be published post-event. Comments will only be redacted to remove any offensive language if applicable


  • KEEP THE SIDELINES CLEAR - Gaps in between pitches are for safety reasons, please do not sit in those gaps or fill them with items such as kit bags, chairs, prams.
  • THE PLAYING AREA - Please do a visual check of the playing area and remain vigilant for any potential hazards on and close to the pitch.
  • TAKE OFF YOUR WATCH/FITBIT - We urge players to adhere to rule 3.4. in the Official WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2017.
  • USE THE TOILETS! We're adding a pitch side toilet, please use it, not the bushes, we've had complaints.
  • USE THE BINS! They are pitch side for rubbish & recycling. Segregate and save the planet!


Water will be available from the Water Point outside the pavillion. We recommend that players bring AT LEAST 2 x 1 litre water bottles with them.


Changing rooms, showers & toilets are in the pavillion by the car park with additional toilets by some of the further away pitches. Locations are marked on the pitch map.


First Aid will be located in the pavillion.

Ice will be located at the pavillion. Please dispose of the empty bags in the bins provided.

Minor Injuries St Albans Hospital, Waverley Rd, AL3 5PN

A&E Barnet Hospital, Wellhouse Lane, EN5 3DJ

Please note, we are not able to offer the facility of driving players to the hospital, nor sending a volunteer to look after and stay with them.


Please raise the alarm at the point closest to you (there are fire call points located in the buildings) or inform a member of staff immediately if one cannot be located. Then immediately make your way to a safe location far away from the hazard. Members of staff will be visible and all team captains should ensure that all of their team is accounted for. Team captains should then report to the TD to relay the information that their team is safe.