maypole mayhem

Schedule & SOTG


1-16 in 4 pools of 4

17-28 in 4 pools of 3

Crossovers between 1st and 2nd in pools of 3, seeding match for 3rd


1-4 Playoffs

5-12, 13-20, 21-28 Playoffs

NB: Each team will play 6 x 70min games, except for the top 4 teams, who will play 3 x 70min games + 2 x 90min games.

Please ensure that your team roster is up to date on the GoMembership website. All clubs competing are required to use the club profiles area of the new GoMembership portal to add ALL players that are competing at the event to the relevant team on the new system. More information, including how to do this, can be found here. Don't forget that all of your players need to have the correct membership for the event!

If you have any questions, please email

Click the link above to submit SOTG scores after each game.

The SOTG prizes will be awarded to the team that is ranked highest and has submitted all their SOTG scores by 18:00 on Sunday, when the presentation starts.